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How can I take a survey?
Surveys are available in two ways: you can access them via Survey Center on vipvoice.com, and we also send an email with a personalized link to your surveys. Surveys will be sent from survey@vipvoice.com. To ensure that you receive all of your surveys, add survey@vipvoice.com to your list of allowed domains.
When you receive the email, it will contain a link to the survey. You should be able to start the survey simply by clicking on the link. If you can't click on the link, copy and paste it directly into a new browser window.
I am having trouble getting past a certain page in the survey.
You can advance between pages in the survey using the arrows or forward/back buttons at the bottom of the page. Should pressing the arrow fail to advance the survey, check the instructions on the top of the page on how to complete each question (For example, Please select an answer, Select All that Apply, Rank the Selections from 1-10).
If you are still unable to get past the page, please send us a request via the helpdesk by visiting help, clicking on Contact Us, and then helpdesk support.
Where can I view which surveys I have completed?
You can see how many surveys you have completed on the Survey Center page on the Web site. The Survey History table lists the surveys you have taken in the last 60 days and how many points you received for each survey.
You can also view your total points earned for all the surveys you have completed since you joined the VIP Voice survey team on the Account History page.

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What is Rewards Center?
Reward Center is where VIP Voice members can participate in our exciting SweepLand® and BidLand® rewards program, get exclusive discounts and offers from VIP Voice partners, and see recent and previous winners.
What are the rewards for completing surveys?
Members earn VIP points for completing surveys. Each point is worth one entry or one bid into your choice of a variety of exciting sweepstakes and auctions.
Who is eligible for SweepLand and BidLand?
SweepLand and BidLand is open to all active VIP Voice members who are legal residents of the United States (and the District of Columbia) ages 13 years and older, and legal residents of Canada ages 18 years and older at the time of enrollment.
How do I register for rewards?
You are confirmed to participate in register for our rewards program when you click on the link in the confirmation email. The confirmation email is sent by email immediately after joining VIP Voice.
What if I don’t want to participate in the register for rewards program?
You do not need to participate in our rewards program in order to take surveys or view available prizes. However, you must confirm your email address if you want to be able to enter your points into sweepstakes and auctions.
What if I don’t want to register for rewards?
You do not need to register for rewards in order to take surveys or view available prizes. However, reward registration is required if you want to be able to enter your points into sweepstakes.
How do I earn points?
VIP Voice members can earn points in these ways:
  • Completing eligible VIP Voice surveys
Each point is worth one entry into your choice of a variety of sweepstakes and auctions.
How often is my SweepLand VIP Points balance updated?
Your points balance will be updated at the completion of each survey . You may have to refresh your browser page or log out and then log back in for your point balance to update properly.
How do I use my points?
Points can be used as entries into sweepstakes on the SweepLand prize board or bids into auctions on the BidLand auction board. Points have no cash value and may not be redeemed for prizes themselves.
For specific instructions on how to user your points, click here visit our How to Play page.
How many sweepstakes entries or auction bids is each point worth?
Each point is worth one sweepstakes entry or one bid into an auction. There is no minimum number of points needed to enter any SweepLand sweepstakes, however for a BidLand auction, you must enter a bid greater than the “Current High Bid” for that auction.
Where can I see how many points I have?
Your points balance will always be visible on the top of the SweepLand and BidLand prize board.
Can you explain the difference between Points Available, SweepLand Points in Play,, BidLand Points in Play and Total Points?
Your points balance is made up of Points Available, SweepLand Points in Play, and BidLand Points in Play.
  • Points Available are the number of points available for you to enter into sweepstakes or auctions
  • SweepLand Points in Play are the number of points currently entered into open sweepstakes.
  • BidLand Points in Play are the number of points currently entered into open auctions
Points Available plus SweepLand Points in Play and BidLand Points in Play equals your Total Points.
Can I save my points, or do I have to use them immediately?
You can accrue your points as long as you remain an active VIP Voice member. Members who have not completed a survey in 6 months will have their points forfeited and account closed.
Do my points expire?
Earned points do not expire as long as you remain an active VIP Voice member. Members who have not completed a survey in 6 months will have their points forfeited and account closed. Points cannot be combined or transferred with other members.
The points you enter into a prize drawing are deducted from your account when that sweepstakes closes. Or if you win an auction. If you do not win an auction because another member outbid you, your points are returned to your points balance within an hour of being outbid.
If I leave VIP Voice can I still participate in Reward Center?
No. By canceling your VIP Voice membership, you can no longer access Reward Center and all points forfeited immediately.
Can I see more information about a particular sweepstakes or auction?
Yes. Click on any image prize name on the SweepLand prize board or BidLand auction board to get additional information about that particular sweepstakes or auction.
How many sweepstakes and auctions can I enter?
There is no limit to the number of sweepstakes or auctions that you may enter. Access to place points into sweepstakes and auctions vary by your reward level. For more information about reward levels, click here.
Can I change or edit my points entriees before a sweepstakes or auction closes?
You can increase or decrease the number of points entered at any time prior to the close of a SweepLand sweepstakes, however once you bid on an auction, you can’t reduce or retract your bid
What are the odds of winning a SweepLand sweepstakes?
Your chances of winning depend on the number of entries submitted into each sweepstakes by other VIP Voice members. You can see where other members are placing their points by checking out the “Current Most Popular Sweepstakes” section.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide the specific number of entries that our members have entered into the drawings. Since all drawings are randomly selected, it only takes one entry for a chance to win.
Each point is worth one sweepstakes entry into the drawing(s) of your choice.
Why do some sweepstakes or auctions not show the name of the manufacturer?
As a market research company, we will not disclose the name of prize manufacturers in the industries that we cover, in order to ensure that we do not influence members or survey responses. Rest assured that all prizes awarded will be from leading and recognizable manufacturers.
Can I give my SweepLand points to a relative or friend?
No. Members may not combine or transfer points with other members' accounts.
Is there a cost to participate in Reward Center?
There is no cost to join the Reward Center. You must confirm your email address in order to participate in our reward programs.

Reward Levels:

What are Reward levels?
SweepLand and BidLand are a tiered rewards program. As you move up to higher levels (tiers), you will earn more points for each survey you complete and gain access to exclusive sweepstakes and auctions based on the level you are in.
Visit our Learn About Levels page to learn more about how to move up through levels.
How do I know which sweepstakes and auctions I have access to?
Each sweepstakes and auction has an icon below it that distinguishes which level you need to have reached in order to enter points into that prize drawing.
You will only be able to enter points into the drawings that are available to your current level or in the level(s) below. For example, if you are in Level 3, you can enter points for prizes in Levels l, 2, and 3.

Winning a Prize

How can I check the recent and past winners of a sweepstakes drawing or auction?
All winners will be posted to the Winner’s page within two weeks of a sweepstakes or auction closing date.
How will I know if I won?
Sweepstakes Winners will be contacted within one to two weeks of the prizes’ closing dates with instructions on how to redeem their prizes. This email will come from SweepLandWinners@biworldwide.com.
Final BidLand Highest Bidders will receive a confirmation within 24 hours at the conclusion of an auction, and will also be contacted with redemption instructions within one week of the auction close. This email will come from BidLandWinners@biworldwide.com.
Winners’ names are also posted on the Winner’s page within the Rewards Center one to two weeks after a prize’s closing date.
Who is BI Worldwide?
BI Worldwide is our official prize fulfillment vendor
Why were my points deducted if I didn’t win the prize?
Once a sweepstakes closing date passes, all points that you have submitted into that drawing are deducted from your account.

Special Offers:

What are Special Offers?
Just for being a member of VIP Voice, you have access to special offers and discounts made available by our partners, exclusively for our members.
Special Offers are currently only available to members in the U.S.
How do I redeem an offer?
Click “Redeem Now” on any of the partner offers on the Special Offers page, and you will be directed to our partner’s site. You may need to enter in a special offer code, which will be specified on the offer, in order to redeem the offer.
Please note that The NPD Group and VIP Voice are not responsible or liable for any losses or damages to products or services resulting from purchases made on a sponsor’s site.
How often are offers updated on the site?
New offers are regularly introduced on the Special Offers page. Please check back often to view any new information and take part in these exclusive offers.

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Why should I join VIP Voice?
  • Make an impact. Our research helps some of the world's largest companies understand what you want and why. By participating in our surveys, you can be sure your voice will be heard by your favorite brands and retailers.
  • Exclusive access to our rewards programs. You could win great prizes just for participating. Each month we give away exciting prizes, from cash and gift cards to cutting-edge electronics and exciting vacations. And just for joining, you’ll be entered to win $1,000. We’ll also let you in on exclusive member offers and discounts.
  • Like speaking out? Then this is the survey team for you! Not only will you have the chance to take surveys often, but you’ll also have exclusive access to our Click N’Pick polls, survey results, and member forum.
How can I become a member?
To become a member of our survey team, simply visit our Registration page. After filling out a brief profile, you’ll receive your first VIP Voice survey right away. It's that easy!
Why do I need to complete a member profile?
Learning about you and your household helps us make sure that our survey team represents the Internet population as a whole. This also helps us send you the surveys you are most likely to be interested in.
What will you do with the information collected during registration?
Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We analyze and summarize registration information to understand who our members’ are, where they live and shop, and what kind of technology they use.
For details on how we protect your information, visit our Privacy Policy page.
Does it cost anything to join?
No, participation is completely free and voluntary. We will never ask you for any payment or credit card information.
I am trying to sign up, and it says my email address is already registered. Why?
If you are receiving that message, it means the email address you tried to register with is already registered with VIP Voice. If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the Member Login box on the VIP Voice homepage. Enter your email address in the Email field and then click on the Forgot Your Password? link. We’ll send you a message with instructions on how to reset it.
Can other members of my household join?
Yes, other members of your household can join our survey team as long as their email addresses are different from yours. To invite your friends and relatives to join our team, visit our Refer a Friend page.
How does the Refer-a-Friend program work?
We send your friends after you provide their email addresses. Keep in mind your friends must be age 13 or older in the U.S.
For each eligible active member you successfully refer, you will be entered in a drawing to win $1,000. Additionally, each friend who joins will be registered into our quarterly registration drawing.

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I don't remember my password.
Go to the Forgot My Password page and enter your email. Once confirmed as a VIP Voice member, your password will be emailed to you.
How can I update my member profile?
You can update your profile through Member Profile. You need to be logged in to VIP Voice. Click through the survey using the arrows on the bottom, making updates to your profile as necessary. When you reach the final page, click "Submit" to update your changes

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