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When you take a survey, you speak for yourself and thousands of others. Make sure you give accurate information – it will help the companies you love keep your favorite products on the shelves and create exciting new ones!

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Check out the video below to see why your survey responses are so important.

How Data is Used

Survey Results

See how other members answer surveys. Click the chart below for the latest results.

Survey Results

Your Voice in Action

The media’s always talking about our survey information. The latest examples are linked below.

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  • Which Mobile Phone Data Plan is Best For You?
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What Members are Saying

What Members are Saying

"I won these flip flops for my wife in BidLand. I love vip voice because you voice your opinion by taking surveys and you earn points at the same time. You can than use your points either in BidLand or SweepLand."

~ Anthony from Pennsylvania

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