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It’s good to be a VIP! Read below for instructions on how to use your points and to get rewarded.

How to Qualify

The VIP Voice Reward Center is open exclusively to VIP Voice members ages 13 and older that live in the 50 United States and Canada.

Take Surveys

Taking surveys are simple and fun! After you become a VIP Voice member:

  1. Add to your known/safe sender list to ensure you receive VIP Voice e-mails.
  2. Look in your inbox for an invitation or visit the Survey Center to see if you have VIP Voice surveys available.
  3. Complete your surveys.

Earn Points

VIP Voice members can earn points in three ways:

  • By completing eligible VIP Voice surveys.
  • By playing the VIP Voice Instant Win Game (available for members in the U.S. only).

Each point is worth one entry into the SweepLand® sweepstakes or one bid into the BidLand® auction of your choice.

With our tiered rewards program, the more VIP Voice surveys you complete, the more points you will earn per survey! See more details at the Learn About Levels page.

Use Your Points

Your points balance is made up of Points Available, SweepLand Points in Play, and BidLand Points in Play

  • Points Available are the number of points which you have to enter into any sweepstakes on the SweepLand Prize Board or auctions on the BidLand Auction Board.
  • SweepLand Points in Play are the number of points currently entered into open sweepstakes
  • BidLand Points in Play are the number of points you currently have entered into open auctions that you are the current highest bidder for.

Points Available plus SweepLand Points in plus BidLand Points in equal your Total Points.

Access to place points into SweepLand sweepstakes or to bid on BidLand auctions is determined by the VIP Voice reward level that you are in. You can only place points into sweepstakes or auctions that are set to or are below your current VIP Voice reward level. Level icons within each sweepstakes or auction will indicate the level that you need to be in to access that sweepstakes or auction.

To find out how to move up the levels and become a top tier VIP with unlimited access to all sweepstakes and auctions, visit the Learn About Levels page.

Enter Your Points into SweepLand Sweepstakes

Use your points to enter into exciting sweepstakes on SweepLand. The more points you enter, the better your odds are of winning that prize!

  1. Click the Edit Points button on any of the sweepstakes that you are eligible for, based on your reward level.
  2. Distribute points into any of the sweepstakes on the prize board that you have access to.
  3. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard or click the Submit Points button.
  4. Verify your submission.
  5. Click Ok

You can edit the amount of points entered into a sweepstakes at any time until the close of the sweepstakes indicated by the last day to enter. After this closing date, your points are officially entered and permanently deducted from your points balance.

Place Bids into BidLand Auctions

Apply your points as bids into fast-paced auctions on BidLand. If you are the highest bidder when the auction closes, you take home the auction item!

  1. Click the Bid Now button on any of the auctions that you have access to on the Auction Board.
  2. Using your Points Available, place a bid that is higher than the Current High Bid to become the new Highest Bidder.
  3. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard or click the Submit Points button.
  4. Verify your submission.
  5. Click Ok

The first time you try to place a bid you will be asked to create a unique BidLand ID. This ID is only used to identify the Highest Bidder of each auction. You can change your BidLand ID at any time by selecting Edit BidLand ID at the top of the Auction Board.

All bids are final. Once you place a bid, your points are not returned unless you are outbid by another member.

Redeem Your Rewards

If you are a SweepLand Winner or BidLand Highest Bidder, your reward will be sent to the address you provided when you joined VIP Voice. Please make sure to keep this address up-to-date. You can always edit your rewards account information by visiting the My Account page.