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Move up the levels to gain exclusive access to cool content and great prizes!

Level # of Surveys to Reach Level VIP Points Earned Per Survey
Level 1 1 25
Level 2 2 50
Level 3 5 100
Level 4 10 150
Level 5 20 200
  • Become a Level 5 VIP and Earn More Points
    • VIP Voice features a tiered-rewards program with 5 levels.
    • To move up higher levels, all you need to do is complete your VIP Voice surveys. Complete 20 surveys to become a Level 5 VIP. Once you become a Level 5 VIP you will earn 200 points for each survey you complete.
  • Follow Your Progress
    • Throughout the VIP Voice site you can check your Level status - and determine how many more surveys you need to complete in order to reach the next level.
  • Access Great Prizes
    • Level icons in SweepLand and BidLand indicate the level you need to access to enter points.
    • Sweepstakes or auctions with green icons Green Level Icon indicate that you have access and can enter your points.
    • Sweepstakes or auctions with gray icons Gray Level Iconindicate that you currently do not have access to enter your points, and need to keep completing surveys in order to reach that reward level.